METU Faculty of Architecture Information and Documentation Center aims to preserve and share materials of education and research produced in the disciplines of architecture, city and regional planning and industrial design. Established in the early 1960s, the Center has about 80000 slides, 1200 graduate theses and dissertations, the publications of the Faculty members,  other works and projects produced in studios and courses, and selected reference books and journals. In coping with recent developments concerning architectural archives, projects have been initialized to digitalize the slide collection for online accessibility and also to improve the infrastructural renovations for the betterment of physical facilities. The management of the services in the center is realized by Res. Ass. Murat Kenan Şentürk. The center also operates in coordination with the Academic Committee formed by the representatives from each department of the faculty. Members of the current Academic Committee are:


                  Coordinator:   Prof. Dr. Elvan Altan Ergut (Department of Architecture)
                 Prof. Dr. Çağatay Keskinok (Department of City and Regional Planning) 


The following sub-units have also been established for  archiving special documentary materials:


-         Maps and Plans Documentation Unit

-         Cultural Properties Archive

-         MATPUM Ankara Reseach Unit Archive

-         Gönül Tankut Ankara Library

-         Department of Industrial Design Archive


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